If you're interested in building, flying, or just hanging around airplanes, come and join us!

Chapter meetings are the third Sunday of the month at 10:00 am
at Meriden-Markham Airport (MMK)
in Meriden, Connecticut

213 Evansville Avenue Meriden, CT 06451 ( see map)
For more information, contact Membership Coordinator Bob Spaulding, 203-378-5688

Reminder, there's no July meeting

See you at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh instead!

July 24 - 30, 2017


Sunday, August 20 at 10am at MMK

Come join the comeraderie

Young Eagles Flown:

48 in 2017

Upcoming Events
7/24 - 7/30/2017 EAA AirVenture Oshkosh
8/20/2017 Monthly meeting at MMK FBO building, 10:00 AM
9/17/2017 Monthly meeting at MMK FBO building, 10:00 AM
9/24/2017 Young Eagles Rally, 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM
10/15/2017 Monthly meeting at MMK FBO building, 10:00 AM
11/19/2017 Monthly meeting at MMK FBO building, 10:00 AM

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EAA Chapter 27 shared a photo (2 months ago)
EAA Chapter 27 flew 31 youngsters during our Spring Young Eagles rally today.
EAA Chapter 27 shared a status (2 months ago)
We had a great Young Eagles rally today. The day started windless and CAVU and gradually clouded over with the rain holding out until the very end when I got the bugs cleaned off heading back to Oxford! We flew a total of 31 today! Thanks for everyone's help! And a special thanks to Michael for stepping in to do the pictures, Therese for the food sales and I still can't do this without Fran and Barbara! I will get the total years count by our next meeting. The count for today was Jim 5, Bill 5, Fran 2 , Steve 4, Dave 1, Mark 3, Brian 7 and Rick 4. Thanks again for making this a success.
Brian, Young Eagles Coordinator
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EAA Chapter 27 shared a status (2 months ago)
Thanks to everyone who participated in making the fly-in a success. The RV-12 looked great with the wings and tail on. I noticed many adults were impressed when the Wilcox Students described the project. The airport managers were very pleased with the event and particularly with our EAA chapter activities.

Our plane wash is next Saturday, May 22 from 9 to 2. There is no rain date. If you have a teens to flight T shirt please wear it. I know at least two chapter planes and five from the Oxford Flying club will be there for a wash so we are off to good start. Bring your sun tan lotion!
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EAA Chapter 27 shared a status (3 months ago)
The MMK Fly-in and open house scheduled for this past Saturday has been rescheduled for Sunday, May 21 from 9 to 4. This conflicts with our EAA Chapter 27 monthly meeting. Stay tuned for updates. In the mean time, please plan on coming to the fly-in. We have many activities planned.
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EAA Chapter 27 shared a photo (3 months ago)
Joby Rogers and his UMX dancers put on a fantastic show--The Ultimate Michael Jackson Experience--tonight in support of EAA Chapter 27's Teens to Flight RV-12 build. All the profits from the show is going to support these high school students who are building an RV-12 kitplane with help from Chapter 27. Many thanks to Joby and his team and to Jim Simmons for organizing it all and to all the Chapter members and friends who helped out tonight. Also many thanks to the town of Meriden for their ongoing support.
EAA Chapter 27 shared a status (4 months ago)
A reminder that the next meeting of EAA Chapter 27 is this Sunday, April 9, at 10 am in the FBO building at Meriden-Markham Municipal Airport in Meriden, Connecticut. Come join Teresa Camp and Denise Robinson as they share their adventures from last years’ Air Race Classic. The race was a VFR, 2700 mile, 4 day cross-country event from Prescott, AZ to Daytona Beach, FL.
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EAA Chapter 27 shared a status (4 months ago)
The next meeting of EAA Chapter 27 is on Sunday, April 9 at 10am at the Meriden-Markham Municipal Airport. Note that it's a week earlier than usual to avoid Easter Sunday. Our guest speakers will tell us about flying the Women's Air Race Classic, a 2700 mile race from the west coast to Florida.
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EAA Chapter 27 shared a video (4 months ago)
During a recent Teens to Flight build session, Mark Scott made a time-lapse video. This is a group of interested and involved youngsters (and not so youngsters). We're trying to raise funds to purchase the last part of this kit--the engine. There's a donate button on the chapter website if you'd like to help.
Natt Maksymowicz shared a link (4 months ago)
Dear friends, let's support this young lady. She is 17., but has pilot licence already. Her dream is to fly higher, directly to the stars. She has opportunity to study ASTROPHISICS this summer at HARVARD UNIVERSITY. All couple bux metter!!!! Click this link and donate.
EAA Chapter 27 shared a event (5 months ago)
Monthly meeting of EAA Chapter 27. Jim Simmons, builder of three homebuilt aircraft, will discuss the necessary steps for selecting, building and flying a homebuilt aircraft. He illustrates the resources available for assistance in your pursuit of the dream of completing a homebuilt aircraft project. The information is also very valuable if you are considering purchasing a homebuilt. We highly recommend attending the presentation if you are thinking about getting in into homebuilts.